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What is Koi's Aquarium?

Hello, I'm Koi also known as FeelingKoi, and I work on almost everything to do with Koi's Aquarium and FeelingKoi on the internet. These projects started as an internet identity and a way to publish and share my artwork and slowly balooned into a brand. I'm not fully sure what I would call it myself, but that's the closest I've gotten to put it into words.

I live in Finland, with my two cats and a loving husband. I used to live in England but dropped out of College in 2019 and swiftly expidited my moving plans to be with my husband during the 2020 pandemic when I didn't have many other options for places to stay. Not without putting my family into an inconvienent and dangerous situation. Since then I've made the best of being functionally floating in a job-less, school-less state. Unable to find employment due to my disabilities, I've found other ways to scramble some pennies together. For a while I worked off commissions and people tipping me for volenteer work. Now that I have benefits I thankfully do not fully need to rely on what scarce work I can get, although my ideal situation would be to make money for myself.

I am mostly motivated both creativitley and philosophically by curiosity. There's alot of things that I've wanted to do for ages that I've never tried (singing, game development, writing, etc.) and I'm slowly catching up on that now. Although I'm reaching my mid-twenties I still feel so incredibly young and like life is still very nebulous to it's destination. One day, I want to be known for something, but for now I am content with trying life's skill buffett for all the money's worth.


Thank you for beholding it.