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Hey there, I'm Koi. I'm an artist and a budding twitch streamer, youtuber, photographer, graphic designer, hobbyist-archivist, hobbyist-geneologist, social media manager, collector and mother of two beautiful cats. I like to do whatever I feel like pulls me at the time, which leads to alot of strange shennangians and happenings in my life. I live in Finland with husband and mother and father in law, but I was born in South East of England. I take alot of pride in my artwork and ability to create, and I am very greatful for the opportunties I've been given to continue to collect, learn and grow where I am living without sacrificing my personal or mental freedoms.

I collect alot of things, such as Video Games (Games, Collectors Editions, Stratergy Guides, Amiibo, ect) and I mainly focus on the Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Animal Crossing franchises in that regard. I collect plushies, mainly those of franchises or characters that I really like, but sometimes I find a very funny plush that I cannot resist to buy. I used to collect Pokemon Cards but now I'm not as much of a fan into it, and I will probably sell 50-60% of my collection at some point, only keeping what I really love. I'm slowly collecting all of the Sailor Moon manga and have thoughts to expand to other magical girl collections. I have a bit of a meme/nostalgia collection of Barbie Movies / Games which ties into my curiosity about doll collecting. I also like Lolita fashion and I currently own two taobao dresses that I wear to meetups at my local community.